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Monday, October 29, 2012


We are happy to announce that we have been appointed as the stockist/distributor for AFDHAL health products range. AFDHAL products are owned by Minda Tulus Enterprise.

After being in the market for more than 3 years, AFDHAL has now added more health  products to meet the increasing demand. AFDHAL products are based on apricot seeds which are well known for its rich content of vitamin B17 or amygdalin. The effectiveness of B17 in combating some critical illnesses in the past has now led to its consumption by some long suffering patients as an alternative treatment either alongside with the conventional treatment or by itself.


The apricot seed-based products produced/processed under the AFDHAL brand is approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and is certified HALAL by JAKIM. It is locally manufactured to ensure the cost is much lower than that of imported products in the market. In other words, the prices of AFDHAL products  are set to be affordable to all its potential customers.

Which are the AFDHAL products available at
1. Apricot seeds kernel
2. Apricot seeds powder (bitter)
3. Apricot seeds in capsule (150 capsule per bottle)
4. Apricot seeds Extract in capsule
5. Apricot seeds Extract powder
6. Beauty soap with apricot seeds
7. Goat's milk with apricot seeds (option with chocolate flavour)

We are here to provide an alternative to everyone to stay healthy bi iznillah....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

AFDHAL Goat's Milk (Classy Goat)


Every box contains 12 sachets of goat's milk with:
Apricot seeds extract, 
Rosemary extract and 
Honey extract.

We welcome any overseas order. Please email us your details and we will quote you our price including postage cost to your country.

AFDHAL Beauty Soap

AFDHAL beauty soap is made from natural sources without any chemical additives. 
It contains clay, apricot, avocado, apricot seeds extract, figs extract, nutmeg and stevia leaf.
It absorbs oil excess.

Sabun kecantikan AFDHAL diperbuat dari sumber semulajadi tanpa sebarang bahan kimia campuran. ianya mengandungi tanah liat, buah aprikot, ekstrak biji aprikot, ekstrak buah tiin, buah pala dan juga daun Stevia. Sabun ini berupaya menyerap lebihan minyak.


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AFDHAL Goat Milk Premium Plus


AFDHAL Susu Kambing Premium Plus contains pure goat milk powder mixed with figs seed extract, apricot seed extract, honey extract, rosemary extract and cocoa powder. 
10 sachets x 25gm

AFDHAL Apricot Soap

AFDHAL apricot soap  contains apricot fruit, apricot seeds, almond oil, olive oil, vitamin E, cocamidopropyl Betaine, water, citric acid, glycerin.

Sabun aprikot AFDHAL mengandungi buah aprikot, biji aprikot, minyak badam, vitamin E, cocamidopropyl Betaine, air, asid citric, gelicerin.



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AFDHAL GanoBit-17

GanoBit-17 is a combination of Ganoderma, apricot seeds and bitter gourd. Ganoderma (185mg, apricot seeds (120mg)and bitter gourd (145mg)
Contains 60 capsules

Price: RM85

Benefits of:
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